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After waking up in a hospital with amnesia, professor Robert Langdon and a doctor must race against time to foil a deadly global plot.


  • Image Alberto Basaluzzo
    Alberto Basaluzzo
  • Image Alessandro Fabrizi
    Alessandro Fabrizi
  • Image Alessandro Grimaldi
    Alessandro Grimaldi
  • Image Ana Ularu
    Ana Ularu
  • Image Attila Árpa
    Attila Árpa
  • Image Bálint Adorjáni
    Bálint Adorjáni
  • Image Ben Foster
    Ben Foster
  • Image Büyükkol Mehmet Onur
    Büyükkol Mehmet Onur
  • Image Cristian Stelluti
    Cristian Stelluti
  • Image Dino Conti
    Dino Conti
  • Image Fausto Maria Sciarappa
    Fausto Maria Sciarappa
  • Image Felicity Jones
    Felicity Jones
  • Image Felipe Torres Urso
    Felipe Torres Urso
  • Image Fortunato Cerlino
    Fortunato Cerlino
  • Image Francesca Inaudi
    Francesca Inaudi
  • Image Gäbor Atlasz
    Gäbor Atlasz
  • Image Gábor Dióssy
    Gábor Dióssy
  • Image Gábor Nagypál
    Gábor Nagypál
  • Image Gábor Urmai
    Gábor Urmai
  • Image Gianni Annoni
    Gianni Annoni
  • Image Ida Darvish
    Ida Darvish
  • Image Irrfan Khan
    Irrfan Khan
  • Image Jon Donahue
    Jon Donahue
  • Image Kata Sarbó
    Kata Sarbó
  • Image Kerem Ozen
    Kerem Ozen
  • Image Lili Gesler
    Lili Gesler
  • Image Luca Fiorilli
    Luca Fiorilli
  • Image Maria Grazia Mandruzzato
    Maria Grazia Mandruzzato
  • Image Mario Acampa
    Mario Acampa
  • Image Mehmet Ergen
    Mehmet Ergen
  • Image Mirjam Novak
    Mirjam Novak
  • Image Omar Sy
    Omar Sy
  • Image Paolo Antonio Simioni
    Paolo Antonio Simioni
  • Image Pasquale Corrente
    Pasquale Corrente
  • Image Paul Ritter
    Paul Ritter
  • Image Peter Linka
    Peter Linka
  • Image Peter Schueller
    Peter Schueller
  • Image Philip Arditti
    Philip Arditti
  • Image Rebecka Johnston
    Rebecka Johnston
  • Image Robin Mugnaini
    Robin Mugnaini
  • Image Sardar Tagirovsky
    Sardar Tagirovsky
  • Image Sidse Babett Knudsen
    Sidse Babett Knudsen
  • Image Simone Mariani
    Simone Mariani
  • Image Tom Hanks
    Tom Hanks
  • Image Vincent Riotta
    Vincent Riotta
  • Image Vincenzo Tanassi
    Vincenzo Tanassi
  • Image Xavier Laurent
    Xavier Laurent
  • Image Yang Haiwen
    Yang Haiwen
  • Image Zsolt Páll
    Zsolt Páll
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