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A story based on the life of a struggling Long Island single mom who became one of the country's most successful entrepreneurs.


  • Image Alexander Cook
    Alexander Cook
  • Image Allie Marshall
    Allie Marshall
  • Image Aundrea Gadsby
    Aundrea Gadsby
  • Image Barry Primus
    Barry Primus
  • Image Bates Wilder
    Bates Wilder
  • Image Bill Thorpe
    Bill Thorpe
  • Image Bradley Cooper
    Bradley Cooper
  • Image Calidore Robinson
    Calidore Robinson
  • Image Carla Antonino
    Carla Antonino
  • Image Christy Scott Cashman
    Christy Scott Cashman
  • Image Colleen Camp
    Colleen Camp
  • Image Dale Place
    Dale Place
  • Image Damien Di Paola
    Damien Di Paola
  • Image Dascha Polanco
    Dascha Polanco
  • Image Diane Ladd
    Diane Ladd
  • Image Donna Mills
    Donna Mills
  • Image Drena De Niro
    Drena De Niro
  • Image Edgar Ramírez
    Edgar Ramírez
  • Image Eliana Adise
    Eliana Adise
  • Image Elisabeth Röhm
    Elisabeth Röhm
  • Image Emily Nuñez
    Emily Nuñez
  • Image Erica McDermott
    Erica McDermott
  • Image Fiore Leo
    Fiore Leo
  • Image Gary Zahakos
    Gary Zahakos
  • Image Gia Gadsby
    Gia Gadsby
  • Image Isabella Crovetti
    Isabella Crovetti
  • Image Isabella Rossellini
    Isabella Rossellini
  • Image Jamell Washington
    Jamell Washington
  • Image Jasmine Brooke White
    Jasmine Brooke White
  • Image Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence
  • Image Jeremiah Kissel
    Jeremiah Kissel
  • Image Jim Frangione
    Jim Frangione
  • Image Jimmy Jean-Louis
    Jimmy Jean-Louis
  • Image John Enos III
    John Enos III
  • Image Johnnie McQuarley
    Johnnie McQuarley
  • Image Johnny Lee Davenport
    Johnny Lee Davenport
  • Image Ken Cheeseman
    Ken Cheeseman
  • Image Ken Howard
    Ken Howard
  • Image Kristen Annese
    Kristen Annese
  • Image Laura Wright
    Laura Wright
  • Image Lexie Roth
    Lexie Roth
  • Image Lori McCoy-Bell
    Lori McCoy-Bell
  • Image Luisa Maria Badaracco
    Luisa Maria Badaracco
  • Image Madison Wolfe
    Madison Wolfe
  • Image Marianne Bayard
    Marianne Bayard
  • Image Marianne Leone Cooper
    Marianne Leone Cooper
  • Image Mateo Gómez
    Mateo Gómez
  • Image Maurice Benard
    Maurice Benard
  • Image Melissa McMeekin
    Melissa McMeekin
  • Image Melissa Rivers
    Melissa Rivers
  • Image Michael DeMello
    Michael DeMello
  • Image Naheem Garcia
    Naheem Garcia
  • Image Patrick Pitu
    Patrick Pitu
  • Image Patsy Meck
    Patsy Meck
  • Image Paul Herman
    Paul Herman
  • Image Pedro Sabino
    Pedro Sabino
  • Image Ray De La Paz
    Ray De La Paz
  • Image Richard McElvain
    Richard McElvain
  • Image Robert De Niro
    Robert De Niro
  • Image Stephanie Eaton
    Stephanie Eaton
  • Image Steven DeMarco
    Steven DeMarco
  • Image Susan Garibotto
    Susan Garibotto
  • Image Susan Lucci
    Susan Lucci
  • Image Tomas Elizondo
    Tomas Elizondo
  • Image Virginia Madsen
    Virginia Madsen
  • Image Zeke Elizondo
    Zeke Elizondo
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