Judge Dredd

1h 36m

In a dystopian future, Dredd, the most famous judge (a cop with instant field judiciary powers) is convicted for a crime he did not commit while his murderous counterpart escapes.


  • Image Adam Henderson
    Adam Henderson
  • Image Adrienne Barbeau
    Adrienne Barbeau
  • Image Al Sapienza
    Al Sapienza
  • Image Alan Bond
    Alan Bond
  • Image Amelia Curtis
    Amelia Curtis
  • Image Angus MacInnes
    Angus MacInnes
  • Image Armand Assante
    Armand Assante
  • Image Ashley Artus
    Ashley Artus
  • Image Balthazar Getty
    Balthazar Getty
  • Image Bradley Lavelle
    Bradley Lavelle
  • Image Brendan Fleming
    Brendan Fleming
  • Image Charlie Condou
    Charlie Condou
  • Image Christopher Adamson
    Christopher Adamson
  • Image Christopher Glover
    Christopher Glover
  • Image Diane Lane
    Diane Lane
  • Image Dig Wayne
    Dig Wayne
  • Image Ed Stobart
    Ed Stobart
  • Image Elly Fairman
    Elly Fairman
  • Image Ewan Bailey
    Ewan Bailey
  • Image Ewen Bremner
    Ewen Bremner
  • Image Frazer Brown
    Frazer Brown
  • Image Howard Grace
    Howard Grace
  • Image Huggy Leaver
    Huggy Leaver
  • Image Ian Durrant
    Ian Durrant
  • Image Ian Dury
    Ian Dury
  • Image James Bowden
    James Bowden
  • Image James Earl Jones
    James Earl Jones
  • Image James Remar
    James Remar
  • Image Joan Chen
    Joan Chen
  • Image Joanna Miles
    Joanna Miles
  • Image John Blakey
    John Blakey
  • Image Jürgen Prochnow
    Jürgen Prochnow
  • Image Lex Daniel
    Lex Daniel
  • Image Louise Delamere
    Louise Delamere
  • Image Mark Moraghan
    Mark Moraghan
  • Image Mark Morghan
    Mark Morghan
  • Image Martin McDougall
    Martin McDougall
  • Image Maurice Roeves
    Maurice Roeves
  • Image Max von Sydow
    Max von Sydow
  • Image Mitchell Ryan
    Mitchell Ryan
  • Image Pat Starr
    Pat Starr
  • Image Peter Marinker
    Peter Marinker
  • Image Phil Kingston
    Phil Kingston
  • Image Phil Smeeton
    Phil Smeeton
  • Image Rob Schneider
    Rob Schneider
  • Image Ryan Gage
    Ryan Gage
  • Image Sam Barriscale
    Sam Barriscale
  • Image Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson
  • Image Stephen Lord
    Stephen Lord
  • Image Steve Toussaint
    Steve Toussaint
  • Image Stuart Mullen
    Stuart Mullen
  • Image Sylvester Stallone
    Sylvester Stallone
  • Image Tony Montalbano
    Tony Montalbano
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