Jungle Cruise

2h 7m

Dr. Lily Houghton enlists the aid of wisecracking skipper Frank Wolff to take her down the Amazon in his ramshackle boat. Together, they search for an ancient tree that holds the power to heal -- a discovery that will change the future of medicine.


  • Image Abraham Takatsuki
    Abraham Takatsuki
  • Image Alexandra Velez
    Alexandra Velez
  • Image Alfredo Tavares
    Alfredo Tavares
  • Image Allan Poppleton
    Allan Poppleton
  • Image Andy Nyman
    Andy Nyman
  • Image Annika Pampel
    Annika Pampel
  • Image Caroline Paige
    Caroline Paige
  • Image Casey Nelson
    Casey Nelson
  • Image Christina Souza
    Christina Souza
  • Image Dan Dargan Carter
    Dan Dargan Carter
  • Image Dani Rovira
    Dani Rovira
  • Image Danny Pardo
    Danny Pardo
  • Image David Lengel
    David Lengel
  • Image David Turner
    David Turner
  • Image Diederik Verhoef
    Diederik Verhoef
  • Image Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson
  • Image Edgar Ramírez
    Edgar Ramírez
  • Image Emily Blunt
    Emily Blunt
  • Image Emily Marie Palmer
    Emily Marie Palmer
  • Image Faith Fay
    Faith Fay
  • Image Hector Banos
    Hector Banos
  • Image Henardo Rodriguez
    Henardo Rodriguez
  • Image Ilana Kohanchi
    Ilana Kohanchi
  • Image Jack Whitehall
    Jack Whitehall
  • Image James Quattrochi
    James Quattrochi
  • Image James William Ballard
    James William Ballard
  • Image Jason New
    Jason New
  • Image Jason Szabo
    Jason Szabo
  • Image Jay D. Kacho
    Jay D. Kacho
  • Image Jesse Plemons
    Jesse Plemons
  • Image Josué Gutierrez
    Josué Gutierrez
  • Image Justin Randell Brooke
    Justin Randell Brooke
  • Image Keith Arthur Bolden
    Keith Arthur Bolden
  • Image Keith Nussbaum
    Keith Nussbaum
  • Image Kylie Michele Fuller
    Kylie Michele Fuller
  • Image Luis Burbano
    Luis Burbano
  • Image Madeline Brumby
    Madeline Brumby
  • Image Mariama Diallo
    Mariama Diallo
  • Image Mark Ashworth
    Mark Ashworth
  • Image Matt Lindquist
    Matt Lindquist
  • Image Met Clark
    Met Clark
  • Image Michael Cole
    Michael Cole
  • Image Michael H. Cole
    Michael H. Cole
  • Image Nicholas Ryan Hernandez
    Nicholas Ryan Hernandez
  • Image Nick Benseman
    Nick Benseman
  • Image Paul Giamatti
    Paul Giamatti
  • Image Pedro Haro
    Pedro Haro
  • Image Pedro López
    Pedro López
  • Image Peter Luis Zimmerman
    Peter Luis Zimmerman
  • Image Philipp Maximilian
    Philipp Maximilian
  • Image Piper Collins
    Piper Collins
  • Image Quim Gutiérrez
    Quim Gutiérrez
  • Image Raphael Alejandro
    Raphael Alejandro
  • Image Romualdo Castillo
    Romualdo Castillo
  • Image Ryan Boz
    Ryan Boz
  • Image Ryan Dinning
    Ryan Dinning
  • Image Sebastian Blunt
    Sebastian Blunt
  • Image Shawn McBride
    Shawn McBride
  • Image Simone Lockhart
    Simone Lockhart
  • Image Stephan Goldbach
    Stephan Goldbach
  • Image Stephen Dunlevy
    Stephen Dunlevy
  • Image Sulem Calderon
    Sulem Calderon
  • Image Tom Vodnik
    Tom Vodnik
  • Image Travis Gomez
    Travis Gomez
  • Image Veronica Falcón
    Veronica Falcón
  • Image Xavier Leblanc
    Xavier Leblanc
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