Image Justice Bao: The First Year

Justice Bao: The First Year


During Emperor Renzong's reign in the Song Dynasty, Bao Zheng is appointed Kaifeng Prefecture Prefect. Bao Zheng, his trusted aide Gongsun Ce, Guard Zhan Zhao, and the four Constables are determined to crack down on corrupt dealings. Merchant's daughter Yun Qianyu is an eloquent speaker. Under Gongsun Ce's guaidance, she eventually becomes a consel. Ji Niannian, a maid from Gaochang, is an autopsy expert. These two ladies help Kaifeng Seven unravel bewildering cases. However, danger is lurking everywhere in Kaifeng Prefecture. When it is revealed that the emperor's heritage is questionable, Bao Zheng has to handle the most difficult case yet as he faces the dilemma of revealing the truth or abandoning his conscience for the sake of his country.

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  • Image Elaine Yiu
    Elaine Yiu
  • Image Jimmy Au Shui-Wai
    Jimmy Au Shui-Wai
  • Image Jonathan Cheung
    Jonathan Cheung
  • Image Kelly Fu
    Kelly Fu
  • Image Lee Shing-Cheong
    Lee Shing-Cheong
  • Image May Chan
    May Chan
  • Image Nancy Wu
    Nancy Wu
  • Image Owen Cheung
    Owen Cheung
  • Image Raymond Cho
    Raymond Cho
  • Image Rosanne Lui
    Rosanne Lui
  • Image Shaun Tam Chun-Yin
    Shaun Tam Chun-Yin
  • Image Yoyo Chen
    Yoyo Chen
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