Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

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A group of strangers come together to work on creating the greatest anime series ever.


  • Image Asuka Saito
    Asuka Saito
  • Image Eiji Akaso
    Eiji Akaso
  • Image Ema Grace
    Ema Grace
  • Image Hiyori Sakurada
    Hiyori Sakurada
  • Image Masahiro Takashima
    Masahiro Takashima
  • Image Masayuki Deai
    Masayuki Deai
  • Image Minami Hamabe
    Minami Hamabe
  • Image Minami Umezawa
    Minami Umezawa
  • Image Mirai Kawazu
    Mirai Kawazu
  • Image Mizuki Itagaki
    Mizuki Itagaki
  • Image Mizuki Yamashita
    Mizuki Yamashita
  • Image Riko Fukumoto
    Riko Fukumoto
  • Image Ryō Matsuzaki
    Ryō Matsuzaki
  • Image Sakurako Konishi
    Sakurako Konishi
  • Image Suzunosuke
  • Image Wakana Matsumoto
    Wakana Matsumoto
  • Image Yuki Kameda
    Yuki Kameda
  • Image Yura Someno
    Yura Someno
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