Kelly’s Heroes

2h 24m

A misfit group of World War II American soldiers goes AWOL to rob a bank behind German lines.


  • Image Carroll O'Connor
    Carroll O'Connor
  • Image Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood
  • Image David Gross
    David Gross
  • Image David Hurst
    David Hurst
  • Image Dee Pollock
    Dee Pollock
  • Image Dick Balduzzi
    Dick Balduzzi
  • Image Don Rickles
    Don Rickles
  • Image Donald Sutherland
    Donald Sutherland
  • Image Donald Waugh
    Donald Waugh
  • Image Frank J. Garlotta
    Frank J. Garlotta
  • Image Fred Pearlman
    Fred Pearlman
  • Image Gavin MacLeod
    Gavin MacLeod
  • Image Gene Collins
    Gene Collins
  • Image George Fargo
    George Fargo
  • Image George Savalas
    George Savalas
  • Image Hal Buckley
    Hal Buckley
  • Image Harry Dean Stanton
    Harry Dean Stanton
  • Image Harry Goines
    Harry Goines
  • Image Hugo de Vernier
    Hugo de Vernier
  • Image James McHale
    James McHale
  • Image Jeff Morris
    Jeff Morris
  • Image John G. Heller
    John G. Heller
  • Image Karl-Otto Alberty
    Karl-Otto Alberty
  • Image Len Lesser
    Len Lesser
  • Image Michael Clark
    Michael Clark
  • Image Perry Lopez
    Perry Lopez
  • Image Phil Adams
    Phil Adams
  • Image Read Morgan
    Read Morgan
  • Image Richard Davalos
    Richard Davalos
  • Image Robert MacNamara
    Robert MacNamara
  • Image Ross Elliott
    Ross Elliott
  • Image Sandy McPeak
    Sandy McPeak
  • Image Shepherd Sanders
    Shepherd Sanders
  • Image Stuart Margolin
    Stuart Margolin
  • Image Telly Savalas
    Telly Savalas
  • Image Tom Signorelli
    Tom Signorelli
  • Image Tom Troupe
    Tom Troupe
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