Image KING’s RAID: Successors of the Will

KING's RAID: Successors of the Will


A century has passed since King Kyle of the Orvelia kingdom destroyed the fierce demon lord Angmund, restoring peace to the lands. Now in a time of peace, the apprentice knight Kasel enjoys his life without worry. His fate begins to change, however, with news of demon appearances infesting the neighborhood. Guided by a wise man, Kasel finds friends he can rely on and sets off on his mission to seek a holy sword, capable of slaying his newfound enemies.

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  • Image Ai Kakuma
    Ai Kakuma
  • Image Ari Ozawa
    Ari Ozawa
  • Image Emi Hirayama
    Emi Hirayama
  • Image Juri Nagatsuma
    Juri Nagatsuma
  • Image Kaito Ishikawa
    Kaito Ishikawa
  • Image Kengo Kawanishi
    Kengo Kawanishi
  • Image Kentaro Ito
    Kentaro Ito
  • Image Masaya Matsukaze
    Masaya Matsukaze
  • Image Mika Kanda
    Mika Kanda
  • Image Mitsuki Nakae
    Mitsuki Nakae
  • Image Moe Toyota
    Moe Toyota
  • Image Riho Iida
    Riho Iida
  • Image Ryota Suzuki
    Ryota Suzuki
  • Image Ryotaro Okiayu
    Ryotaro Okiayu
  • Image Sakura Nakamura
    Sakura Nakamura
  • Image Shun Horie
    Shun Horie
  • Image Takako Tanaka
    Takako Tanaka
  • Image Takuma Terashima
    Takuma Terashima
  • Image Yoshino Nanjou
    Yoshino Nanjou
  • Image Yuuki Takada
    Yuuki Takada
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