La corte de Ana

1h 25m

She appeared when Spain was waking up from a long post-war period and crying with melodramas starring children, a child prodigy unlike any other; a girl who, in time, would become a symbol of freedom and a total artist. Actress, singer, friend, lover. This is the story of Ana Belén.


  • Image Ana Belén
    Ana Belén
  • Image Andrés Vicente Gómez
    Andrés Vicente Gómez
  • Image Carmen Maura
    Carmen Maura
  • Image Concha Velasco
    Concha Velasco
  • Image Emilio Gutiérrez Caba
    Emilio Gutiérrez Caba
  • Image Fernando Colomo
    Fernando Colomo
  • Image Joan Manuel Serrat
    Joan Manuel Serrat
  • Image Joaquín Sabina
    Joaquín Sabina
  • Image José Carlos Plaza
    José Carlos Plaza
  • Image José Luis García Sánchez
    José Luis García Sánchez
  • Image Juan Diego
    Juan Diego
  • Image Julieta Serrano
    Julieta Serrano
  • Image Manuel Gómez Pereira
    Manuel Gómez Pereira
  • Image Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
    Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
  • Image Manuela Velasco
    Manuela Velasco
  • Image Miguel Ríos
    Miguel Ríos
  • Image Rosa León
    Rosa León
  • Image Víctor Manuel
    Víctor Manuel
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