La Sincérité

0h 0m

This is the story of three men in their 40s, confronted with their limits and three younger women who are usurping the old order. They are all gathered under the sun in Ardèche to shoot a film that will not happen.


  • Image Annika Stenvall
    Annika Stenvall
  • Image Bruno Masméjean
    Bruno Masméjean
  • Image Charles Guérin Surville
    Charles Guérin Surville
  • Image Charles Pépin
    Charles Pépin
  • Image Charleyne Biondi
    Charleyne Biondi
  • Image Jacky Terrasson
    Jacky Terrasson
  • Image Jeanne Damas
    Jeanne Damas
  • Image Manon Palmer
    Manon Palmer
  • Image Marine Machi
    Marine Machi
  • Image Mélanie Crouzet
    Mélanie Crouzet
  • Image René Forot
    René Forot
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