Ladies of Steel

1h 33m

Inkeri, 75, has hit her husband on the head with a solid iron frying pan and is planning to bury him in their garden. Before facing the rest of her life in prison, there may yet be a moment left to really live. Inkeri makes her sisters Sylvi and Raili join her on a trip to the Koli National Park. Will Inkeri find in her that free young woman who desired a feminist revolution in the 70s?


  • Image Anna Paavilainen
    Anna Paavilainen
  • Image Anna-Leena Härkönen
    Anna-Leena Härkönen
  • Image Eero Herranen
    Eero Herranen
  • Image Eeva Muttonen
    Eeva Muttonen
  • Image Heikki Nousiainen
    Heikki Nousiainen
  • Image Ilona Chevakova
    Ilona Chevakova
  • Image Jani Volanen
    Jani Volanen
  • Image Juhani Niemelä
    Juhani Niemelä
  • Image Jukka Virtanen
    Jukka Virtanen
  • Image Lauri Tilkanen
    Lauri Tilkanen
  • Image Leena Uotila
    Leena Uotila
  • Image Lilian Pärni
    Lilian Pärni
  • Image Linnea Skog
    Linnea Skog
  • Image Marja Salo
    Marja Salo
  • Image Markku Haussila
    Markku Haussila
  • Image Mio Tola
    Mio Tola
  • Image Pamela Tola
    Pamela Tola
  • Image Pirjo Lonka
    Pirjo Lonka
  • Image Rea Mauranen
    Rea Mauranen
  • Image Saara Pakkasvirta
    Saara Pakkasvirta
  • Image Samuli Niittymäki
    Samuli Niittymäki
  • Image Seela Sella
    Seela Sella
  • Image Yasmine Yamajako
    Yasmine Yamajako
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