L’Affaire Marvin

1h 10m

How could the disappearance of a simple cat lead to the biggest financial crisis of all times? French documentary filmmaker Thomas Lafite went out looking for an answer: his film The Marvin Case thus explores one of the most incredible stories of the 21st century.


  • Image Antoine Guiraud
    Antoine Guiraud
  • Image Bernadette Paviot
    Bernadette Paviot
  • Image Eric Chantelauze
    Eric Chantelauze
  • Image Flavian Dareau
    Flavian Dareau
  • Image Jacques Roch
    Jacques Roch
  • Image Jean-Claude Camors
    Jean-Claude Camors
  • Image Jean-Jacques Moreau
    Jean-Jacques Moreau
  • Image Jocelyne Vignon
    Jocelyne Vignon
  • Image Julien Girbig
    Julien Girbig
  • Image Karina Ykrelef
    Karina Ykrelef
  • Image Lionel Laget
    Lionel Laget
  • Image Louise Roch
    Louise Roch
  • Image Magali Woch
    Magali Woch
  • Image Patty Hannock
    Patty Hannock
  • Image Rémi Pous
    Rémi Pous
  • Image Vincent Wallez
    Vincent Wallez
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