Last Tango in Paris

2h 9m

A young Parisian woman begins a sordid affair with a middle-aged American businessman who lays out ground rules that their clandestine relationship will be based only on sex.


  • Image Armand Abplanalp
    Armand Abplanalp
  • Image Catherine Allégret
    Catherine Allégret
  • Image Catherine Breillat
    Catherine Breillat
  • Image Catherine Sola
    Catherine Sola
  • Image Giovanna Galletti
    Giovanna Galletti
  • Image Gitt Magrini
    Gitt Magrini
  • Image Jean-Pierre Léaud
    Jean-Pierre Léaud
  • Image Luce Marquand
    Luce Marquand
  • Image Maria Michi
    Maria Michi
  • Image Maria Schneider
    Maria Schneider
  • Image Marie-Hélène Breillat
    Marie-Hélène Breillat
  • Image Marlon Brando
    Marlon Brando
  • Image Massimo Girotti
    Massimo Girotti
  • Image Mauro Marchetti
    Mauro Marchetti
  • Image Rachel Kesterber
    Rachel Kesterber
  • Image Veronica Lazar
    Veronica Lazar
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