1h 28m

A police detective falls in love with the woman whose murder he's investigating.


  • Image Aileen Pringle
    Aileen Pringle
  • Image Alexander Sascha
    Alexander Sascha
  • Image Beatrice Gray
    Beatrice Gray
  • Image Ben Watson
    Ben Watson
  • Image Bess Flowers
    Bess Flowers
  • Image Bobby Barber
    Bobby Barber
  • Image Buster Miles
    Buster Miles
  • Image Cara Williams
    Cara Williams
  • Image Clifton Webb
    Clifton Webb
  • Image Clyde Fillmore
    Clyde Fillmore
  • Image Cyril Ring
    Cyril Ring
  • Image Dana Andrews
    Dana Andrews
  • Image Dorothy Adams
    Dorothy Adams
  • Image Dorothy Christy
    Dorothy Christy
  • Image Eric Wilton
    Eric Wilton
  • Image Forbes Murray
    Forbes Murray
  • Image Frances Gladwin
    Frances Gladwin
  • Image Frank LaRue
    Frank LaRue
  • Image Gene Tierney
    Gene Tierney
  • Image Gloria Marlen
    Gloria Marlen
  • Image Grant Mitchell
    Grant Mitchell
  • Image Harold Miller
    Harold Miller
  • Image Harold Schlickenmayer
    Harold Schlickenmayer
  • Image Harry Carter
    Harry Carter
  • Image Harry Strang
    Harry Strang
  • Image James Conaty
    James Conaty
  • Image James Flavin
    James Flavin
  • Image Jane Nigh
    Jane Nigh
  • Image Jean Fenwick
    Jean Fenwick
  • Image Judith Anderson
    Judith Anderson
  • Image Kathleen Howard
    Kathleen Howard
  • Image Kay Linaker
    Kay Linaker
  • Image Lane Chandler
    Lane Chandler
  • Image Larry Steers
    Larry Steers
  • Image Lee Tung Foo
    Lee Tung Foo
  • Image Ralph Dunn
    Ralph Dunn
  • Image Sam Harris
    Sam Harris
  • Image Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin
  • Image Vincent Price
    Vincent Price
  • Image Wally Albright
    Wally Albright
  • Image William Forrest
    William Forrest
  • Image William Graeff Jr.
    William Graeff Jr.
  • Image Yolanda Lacca
    Yolanda Lacca
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