Learning to Drive

1h 45m

As her marriage dissolves, a Manhattan writer takes driving lessons from a Sikh instructor with marriage troubles of his own. In each other's company they find the courage to get back on the road and the strength to take the wheel.


  • Image Avi Nash
    Avi Nash
  • Image Ben Kingsley
    Ben Kingsley
  • Image Grace Gummer
    Grace Gummer
  • Image Jake Weber
    Jake Weber
  • Image John Hodgman
    John Hodgman
  • Image Jonathan C. Kaplan
    Jonathan C. Kaplan
  • Image Matt Salinger
    Matt Salinger
  • Image Michael Mantell
    Michael Mantell
  • Image Patricia Clarkson
    Patricia Clarkson
  • Image Samantha Bee
    Samantha Bee
  • Image Sarita Choudhury
    Sarita Choudhury
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