Like Mother, Like Daughter

1h 34m
  • Telle mère, telle fille
  • 29-03-2017
  • Comedy
  • Noémie Saglio
  • 0 votes

An attention-craving mother nearing 50, unemployed and living with her pregnant daughter and son-in-law, suddenly finds herself with child, too...


  • Image Camille Cottin
    Camille Cottin
  • Image Catherine Jacob
    Catherine Jacob
  • Image Charles Georges-Picot
    Charles Georges-Picot
  • Image Charlie Dupont
    Charlie Dupont
  • Image Gunilla Wingqvist
    Gunilla Wingqvist
  • Image Hocine Mérabet
    Hocine Mérabet
  • Image Hugues Jourdain
    Hugues Jourdain
  • Image Isma Kébé
    Isma Kébé
  • Image Jana Bittnerová
    Jana Bittnerová
  • Image Jean-Luc Bideau
    Jean-Luc Bideau
  • Image Jean-Marc Charrier
    Jean-Marc Charrier
  • Image Juliette Binoche
    Juliette Binoche
  • Image Lambert Wilson
    Lambert Wilson
  • Image Léonard Prain
    Léonard Prain
  • Image Marie-Philomène Nga
    Marie-Philomène Nga
  • Image Michaël Dichter
    Michaël Dichter
  • Image Olivia Côte
    Olivia Côte
  • Image Paul Jeanson
    Paul Jeanson
  • Image Philippe Vieux
    Philippe Vieux
  • Image Rani Bheemuck
    Rani Bheemuck
  • Image Sabine Pakora
    Sabine Pakora
  • Image Stéfi Celma
    Stéfi Celma
  • Image Thierry Simon
    Thierry Simon
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