Image Little Women

Little Women


The two part miniseries chronicles the lives and loves of the four March sisters – Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth – growing up during the American Civil War. While their father leaves for battle, the sisters must rely on each other for strength in the face of tragedies both large and small.

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  • Image Ann Dusenberry
    Ann Dusenberry
  • Image Ben Wright
    Ben Wright
  • Image Bill Capizzi
    Bill Capizzi
  • Image Carlene Watkins
    Carlene Watkins
  • Image Carol Baxter
    Carol Baxter
  • Image Cliff Potts
    Cliff Potts
  • Image Dorothy McGuire
    Dorothy McGuire
  • Image Eve Plumb
    Eve Plumb
  • Image Greer Garson
    Greer Garson
  • Image John de Lancie
    John de Lancie
  • Image Joyce Bulifant
    Joyce Bulifant
  • Image Logan Ramsey
    Logan Ramsey
  • Image Meredith Baxter
    Meredith Baxter
  • Image Richard Gilliland
    Richard Gilliland
  • Image Robert Young
    Robert Young
  • Image Susan Dey
    Susan Dey
  • Image Virginia Gregg
    Virginia Gregg
  • Image William Schallert
    William Schallert
  • Image William Shatner
    William Shatner
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