Long Time Dead

1h 34m

A group of British students embark on summoning spirits on a Ouija board after a night of clubbing. But someone breaks the link before they have finished and now a demon is trapped in their world and the only way to banish it, is for all the people who summoned it to die.


  • Image Alec Newman
    Alec Newman
  • Image Anita Kelsey
    Anita Kelsey
  • Image Cyril Nri
    Cyril Nri
  • Image Derek Lea
    Derek Lea
  • Image James Hillier
    James Hillier
  • Image Joe Absolom
    Joe Absolom
  • Image Joel Pitts
    Joel Pitts
  • Image Lara Belmont
    Lara Belmont
  • Image Lukas Haas
    Lukas Haas
  • Image Mark Barratt
    Mark Barratt
  • Image Marsha Thomason
    Marsha Thomason
  • Image Mel Raido
    Mel Raido
  • Image Melanie Gutteridge
    Melanie Gutteridge
  • Image Michael Feast
    Michael Feast
  • Image Nicolas Chagrin
    Nicolas Chagrin
  • Image Olivia Caffrey
    Olivia Caffrey
  • Image Pete Valente
    Pete Valente
  • Image Peter Gevisser
    Peter Gevisser
  • Image Rodney Hart
    Rodney Hart
  • Image Tameka Empson
    Tameka Empson
  • Image Tom Bell
    Tom Bell
  • Image Tony Lee
    Tony Lee
  • Image Virginia Fanshawe
    Virginia Fanshawe
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