Love FM

2h 0m

Love FM revolves around a radio that plays a crucial role in the love story. It is a romantic movie where it touches upon the love stories of two generations.


  • Image Anand Bal
    Anand Bal
  • Image Anaswara Rajan
    Anaswara Rajan
  • Image Anju Sasi
    Anju Sasi
  • Image Boban Alummoodan
    Boban Alummoodan
  • Image Devan
  • Image Janaki Krishnan
    Janaki Krishnan
  • Image Jino John
    Jino John
  • Image Malavika Menon
    Malavika Menon
  • Image Mamukkoya
  • Image Sarath Kumar
    Sarath Kumar
  • Image Sasi Kalinga
    Sasi Kalinga
  • Image Sneha Sreekumar
    Sneha Sreekumar
  • Image Tito Wilson
    Tito Wilson
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