Make Life

1h 40m
  • Hacer la vida
  • 02-04-2020
  • Drama
  • Alejandra Marino
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In a downtown building, old and beautiful, of the turbulent Buenos Aires, stories of men and women who keep secrets behind solid walls are intertwined. For Lucy, it is the secret price for freedom; for the Ukrainian immigrant and the Tucuman teenager, it is a refuge; for Lorenzo, it is debauchery; for Gaby and Mariano, disagreement; for Mónica and Sergio, the promise of new life. The stories are intertwined. No one is the same after opening the door to their most intimate desire


  • Image Bimbo Godoy
    Bimbo Godoy
  • Image Darío Levy
    Darío Levy
  • Image Florencia Salas
    Florencia Salas
  • Image Joaquín Ferrucci
    Joaquín Ferrucci
  • Image Luciana Barrirero
    Luciana Barrirero
  • Image Luisa Kuliok
    Luisa Kuliok
  • Image Pablo Razuk
    Pablo Razuk
  • Image Raquel Ameri
    Raquel Ameri
  • Image Victoria Carreras
    Victoria Carreras
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