Manon of the Spring

1h 53m
  • Manon des Sources
  • 19-11-1986
  • Drama
  • Claude Berri
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In this, the sequel to Jean de Florette, Manon (Beart) has grown into a beautiful young shepherdess living in the idyllic Provencal countryside. She plots vengeance on the men who greedily conspired to acquire her father's land years earlier.


  • Image André Dupon
    André Dupon
  • Image Armand Meffre
    Armand Meffre
  • Image Chantal Liennel
    Chantal Liennel
  • Image Daniel Auteuil
    Daniel Auteuil
  • Image Didier Pain
    Didier Pain
  • Image Elisabeth Depardieu
    Elisabeth Depardieu
  • Image Emmanuelle Béart
    Emmanuelle Béart
  • Image Françoise Trompette
    Françoise Trompette
  • Image Fransined
  • Image Gabriel Bacquier
    Gabriel Bacquier
  • Image Hippolyte Girardot
    Hippolyte Girardot
  • Image Jean Bouchaud
    Jean Bouchaud
  • Image Jean Maurel
    Jean Maurel
  • Image Lucien Damiani
    Lucien Damiani
  • Image Marc Betton
    Marc Betton
  • Image Margarita Lozano
    Margarita Lozano
  • Image Pierre Nougaro
    Pierre Nougaro
  • Image Pierre-Jean Rippert
    Pierre-Jean Rippert
  • Image Roger Souza
    Roger Souza
  • Image Ticky Holgado
    Ticky Holgado
  • Image Yves Montand
    Yves Montand
  • Image Yvonne Gamy
    Yvonne Gamy
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