Martin Eden

2h 5m

Italian-French historical romance drama film loosely based on the 1909 novel of the same name by Jack London about a young proletarian autodidact struggling to become a writer.


  • Image Aniello Arena
    Aniello Arena
  • Image Carlo Cecchi
    Carlo Cecchi
  • Image Carmen Pommella
    Carmen Pommella
  • Image Chiara Francini
    Chiara Francini
  • Image Diego Sepe
    Diego Sepe
  • Image Edoardo Sorgente
    Edoardo Sorgente
  • Image Elisabetta Valgoi
    Elisabetta Valgoi
  • Image Franco Pinelli
    Franco Pinelli
  • Image Gaetano Bruno
    Gaetano Bruno
  • Image Giustiniano Alpi
    Giustiniano Alpi
  • Image Jessica Cressy
    Jessica Cressy
  • Image Lana Vlady
    Lana Vlady
  • Image Luca Marinelli
    Luca Marinelli
  • Image Marco Leonardi
    Marco Leonardi
  • Image Maurizio Donadoni
    Maurizio Donadoni
  • Image Pietro Ragusa
    Pietro Ragusa
  • Image Rinat Khismatouline
    Rinat Khismatouline
  • Image Sergio Longobardi
    Sergio Longobardi
  • Image Vincenza Modica
    Vincenza Modica
  • Image Vincenzo Nemolato
    Vincenzo Nemolato
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