1h 30m

Marty, a butcher who lives in the Bronx with his mother is unmarried at 34. Good-natured but socially awkward he faces constant badgering from family and friends to get married but has reluctantly resigned himself to bachelorhood. Marty meets Clara, an unattractive school teacher, realising their emotional connection, he promises to call but family and friends try to convince him not to.


  • Image Alan Wells
    Alan Wells
  • Image Arthur Tovey
    Arthur Tovey
  • Image Augusta Ciolli
    Augusta Ciolli
  • Image Betsy Blair
    Betsy Blair
  • Image Charles Cane
    Charles Cane
  • Image Doris Kemper
    Doris Kemper
  • Image Edwin Rochelle
    Edwin Rochelle
  • Image Ernest Borgnine
    Ernest Borgnine
  • Image Esther Minciotti
    Esther Minciotti
  • Image Frank Sutton
    Frank Sutton
  • Image George Nardelli
    George Nardelli
  • Image Glenn Strange
    Glenn Strange
  • Image Hal Taggart
    Hal Taggart
  • Image James Bell
    James Bell
  • Image Jerry Orbach
    Jerry Orbach
  • Image Jerry Paris
    Jerry Paris
  • Image Joe Mantell
    Joe Mantell
  • Image John Beradino
    John Beradino
  • Image John Dennis
    John Dennis
  • Image John Milford
    John Milford
  • Image Karen Steele
    Karen Steele
  • Image Kathleen Mulqueen
    Kathleen Mulqueen
  • Image Minerva Urecal
    Minerva Urecal
  • Image Paddy Chayefsky
    Paddy Chayefsky
  • Image Robin Morse
    Robin Morse
  • Image Silvio Minciotti
    Silvio Minciotti
  • Image Waclaw Rekwart
    Waclaw Rekwart
  • Image Walter Kelley
    Walter Kelley
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