1h 29m

Eager contestants don big heads and furry suits to vie for the title of World's Best Mascot.


  • Image Adam Karchmer
    Adam Karchmer
  • Image Bob Balaban
    Bob Balaban
  • Image Brooke Hasalton
    Brooke Hasalton
  • Image Carrie Aizley
    Carrie Aizley
  • Image Chris O'Dowd
    Chris O'Dowd
  • Image Christopher Guest
    Christopher Guest
  • Image Christopher Moynihan
    Christopher Moynihan
  • Image Crafty St. James
    Crafty St. James
  • Image Don Lake
    Don Lake
  • Image Ed Begley Jr.
    Ed Begley Jr.
  • Image Fred Willard
    Fred Willard
  • Image Harry Shearer
    Harry Shearer
  • Image Hayes Mercure
    Hayes Mercure
  • Image Ithamar Enriquez
    Ithamar Enriquez
  • Image Jane Lynch
    Jane Lynch
  • Image Jennifer Coolidge
    Jennifer Coolidge
  • Image Jim Piddock
    Jim Piddock
  • Image John Michael Higgins
    John Michael Higgins
  • Image Karly Rothenberg
    Karly Rothenberg
  • Image Kathreen Khavari
    Kathreen Khavari
  • Image Kerry Godliman
    Kerry Godliman
  • Image Lindsey Warm
    Lindsey Warm
  • Image Maria Blasucci
    Maria Blasucci
  • Image Marilyn Mark
    Marilyn Mark
  • Image Matt Griesser
    Matt Griesser
  • Image Michael Hitchcock
    Michael Hitchcock
  • Image Parker Posey
    Parker Posey
  • Image Ryan Gaul
    Ryan Gaul
  • Image Sarah Baker
    Sarah Baker
  • Image Scott Williamson
    Scott Williamson
  • Image Steven M. Porter
    Steven M. Porter
  • Image Suanne Spoke
    Suanne Spoke
  • Image Susan Yeagley
    Susan Yeagley
  • Image Suzi Barrett
    Suzi Barrett
  • Image Tim Baltz
    Tim Baltz
  • Image Tom Bennett
    Tom Bennett
  • Image Tommy Bechtold
    Tommy Bechtold
  • Image Wayne Wilderson
    Wayne Wilderson
  • Image Zach Woods
    Zach Woods
  • Image Zoe Provenzano
    Zoe Provenzano
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