Matrimonio alle Bahamas

1h 32m
  • Matrimonio alle Bahamas
  • 16-11-2007
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  • Claudio Risi
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Getting ready for the wedding that will unite two very different families- the humble Italian taxi driver Cristoforo Colombo and his wife Rosy, and the rich Italian-Americans Alessandro and Patricia Di Giacomo.


  • Image Anna Maria Barbera
    Anna Maria Barbera
  • Image Araba Dell'Utri
    Araba Dell'Utri
  • Image Barbara De Rossi
    Barbara De Rossi
  • Image Biagio Izzo
    Biagio Izzo
  • Image Bruno Arena
    Bruno Arena
  • Image Donald French
    Donald French
  • Image Enzo Salvi
    Enzo Salvi
  • Image Gigi Marzullo
    Gigi Marzullo
  • Image Lodovica Mairè Rogati
    Lodovica Mairè Rogati
  • Image Loredana De Nardis
    Loredana De Nardis
  • Image Lucrezia Piaggio
    Lucrezia Piaggio
  • Image Luigi Petrazzuolo
    Luigi Petrazzuolo
  • Image Massimo Boldi
    Massimo Boldi
  • Image Max Cavallari
    Max Cavallari
  • Image Niccolò Senni
    Niccolò Senni
  • Image Oona O'Connell
    Oona O'Connell
  • Image Raffaello Balzo
    Raffaello Balzo
  • Image Sofia Bruscoli
    Sofia Bruscoli
  • Image Solange
  • Image Valentina Idini
    Valentina Idini
  • Image Valentino Campitelli
    Valentino Campitelli
  • Image Victoria Silvstedt
    Victoria Silvstedt
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