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TV series about a high school philosophy teacher, Merlí, who teaches in an original way, and about the students of his class, including his own son, and the relationship, friendship, love, and problems between the students of the class.

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  • Image Adrian Grösser
    Adrian Grösser
  • Image Albert Baró
    Albert Baró
  • Image Anna Maria Barbany
    Anna Maria Barbany
  • Image Anna Ycobalzeta
    Anna Ycobalzeta
  • Image Assun Planas
    Assun Planas
  • Image Boris Ruiz
    Boris Ruiz
  • Image Candela Antón
    Candela Antón
  • Image Carlos Cuevas
    Carlos Cuevas
  • Image Carlota Olcina
    Carlota Olcina
  • Image David Solans
    David Solans
  • Image Elísabet Casanovas
    Elísabet Casanovas
  • Image Ferran Rañé
    Ferran Rañé
  • Image Francesc Orella
    Francesc Orella
  • Image Iñaki Mur
    Iñaki Mur
  • Image Júlia Creus
    Júlia Creus
  • Image Laia Manzanares
    Laia Manzanares
  • Image Manel Barceló
    Manel Barceló
  • Image Marcos Franz
    Marcos Franz
  • Image Marta Marco
    Marta Marco
  • Image Nao Albet
    Nao Albet
  • Image Oriol Pla
    Oriol Pla
  • Image Patrícia Bargalló
    Patrícia Bargalló
  • Image Pau Poch
    Pau Poch
  • Image Pau Vinyals
    Pau Vinyals
  • Image Pere Ponce
    Pere Ponce
  • Image Rubén de Eguía
    Rubén de Eguía
  • Image Sandra Monclús
    Sandra Monclús
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