Military Academy

1h 30m
  • Kein Bund für's Leben
  • 30-08-2007
  • Comedy
  • Granz Henman
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The movie deals with a guy who gets to join the German Bundeswehr involuntarily because a colleague loses his denial papers in order to get the chance to get down on his girlfriend. When entering the Bundeswehr he acts like a giant idiot and of course gets in one room with some of the biggest losers around. The loser turns out to be a hero and leads his loser-colleagues to win a contest with the local US army squad.


  • Image Axel Stein
    Axel Stein
  • Image Carsten Norgaard
    Carsten Norgaard
  • Image Christian Meyer
    Christian Meyer
  • Image Christian Sengewald
    Christian Sengewald
  • Image Florian Lukas
    Florian Lukas
  • Image Franz Dinda
    Franz Dinda
  • Image Jan Henrik Stahlberg
    Jan Henrik Stahlberg
  • Image Joseph M'Barek
    Joseph M'Barek
  • Image Kailas Mahadevan
    Kailas Mahadevan
  • Image Lucie Pohl
    Lucie Pohl
  • Image Michael Brandner
    Michael Brandner
  • Image Michael Dorn
    Michael Dorn
  • Image Oona-Devi Liebich
    Oona-Devi Liebich
  • Image Ronald Nitschke
    Ronald Nitschke
  • Image Sonya Kraus
    Sonya Kraus
  • Image Till Trenkel
    Till Trenkel
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