Military Wives

1h 53m

Inspired by global phenomenon of military wives choirs, the story celebrates a band of misfit women who form a choir on a military base. As unexpected bonds of friendship flourish, music and laughter transform their lives, helping each other to overcome their fears for loved ones in combat.


  • Image Alisha Dyer-Spence
    Alisha Dyer-Spence
  • Image Amy James-Kelly
    Amy James-Kelly
  • Image Amy Papa
    Amy Papa
  • Image Beverly Longhurst
    Beverly Longhurst
  • Image Caitlin Taylor
    Caitlin Taylor
  • Image Cassiana Pratt
    Cassiana Pratt
  • Image Chantelle Street
    Chantelle Street
  • Image Charlie Price
    Charlie Price
  • Image Charlotte Willis
    Charlotte Willis
  • Image Chloe Badham
    Chloe Badham
  • Image Colin Mace
    Colin Mace
  • Image Davina Moon
    Davina Moon
  • Image Davina Sitaram
    Davina Sitaram
  • Image Eirini Sakka
    Eirini Sakka
  • Image Emma Lowndes
    Emma Lowndes
  • Image Emmanuel Akinbami
    Emmanuel Akinbami
  • Image Finlay Willis
    Finlay Willis
  • Image Gaby French
    Gaby French
  • Image Greg Wise
    Greg Wise
  • Image Hannah Whiteoak
    Hannah Whiteoak
  • Image India Ria Amarteifio
    India Ria Amarteifio
  • Image Jack James Ryan
    Jack James Ryan
  • Image Jade Williams
    Jade Williams
  • Image Jane Ledsom
    Jane Ledsom
  • Image Jason Flemyng
    Jason Flemyng
  • Image Karen Sampford
    Karen Sampford
  • Image Kate Coysten
    Kate Coysten
  • Image Kate Winton
    Kate Winton
  • Image Kathleen Greene
    Kathleen Greene
  • Image Kristin Scott Thomas
    Kristin Scott Thomas
  • Image Lara Rossi
    Lara Rossi
  • Image Laura Checkley
    Laura Checkley
  • Image Laura Elphinstone
    Laura Elphinstone
  • Image Lesdy Vanessa
    Lesdy Vanessa
  • Image Lila McNamara
    Lila McNamara
  • Image Lorna-Jane Hamer
    Lorna-Jane Hamer
  • Image Melanie Kilburn
    Melanie Kilburn
  • Image Michael Whittam
    Michael Whittam
  • Image Mike Capozzola
    Mike Capozzola
  • Image Nadine Higgin
    Nadine Higgin
  • Image Neuza Duarte
    Neuza Duarte
  • Image Ning Lu
    Ning Lu
  • Image Penny Ryder
    Penny Ryder
  • Image Rich Preston
    Rich Preston
  • Image Robbie Gee
    Robbie Gee
  • Image Robert Whitelock
    Robert Whitelock
  • Image Roxy Faridany
    Roxy Faridany
  • Image Sebby Wilson
    Sebby Wilson
  • Image Shafali Chung
    Shafali Chung
  • Image Shantelle Rochester
    Shantelle Rochester
  • Image Sharon Horgan
    Sharon Horgan
  • Image Sophie Benefer
    Sophie Benefer
  • Image Sophie Dix
    Sophie Dix
  • Image Stephen Thompson
    Stephen Thompson
  • Image Talitha Wing
    Talitha Wing
  • Image Tara Flynn
    Tara Flynn
  • Image Teresa Banham
    Teresa Banham
  • Image Teresa Mahoney
    Teresa Mahoney
  • Image Vasileia Kenanoglou
    Vasileia Kenanoglou
  • Image Will Hislop
    Will Hislop
  • Image Yula Tefa
    Yula Tefa
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