Image Modern Marriage

Modern Marriage


A story that follows a full-time mom reentering the workforce and the adjustments that she and her family have to make. Full-time mom Shen Huixing (Bai Baihe) used to be a top student at a top university. After marriage, she has chosen to put her talents towards running the family. Her husband Sheng Jiangchuan (Tong Dawei) is extremely busy at work. He barely has any time for them which is why all the responsibilities have fallen on Shen Huixing's shoulder.

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  • Image Bai Baihe
    Bai Baihe
  • Image Cao Xiwen
    Cao Xiwen
  • Image Gao Ye
    Gao Ye
  • Image Hao Ping
    Hao Ping
  • Image Jiang Xin
    Jiang Xin
  • Image Morning Chang
    Morning Chang
  • Image Shi An
    Shi An
  • Image Tan Kai
    Tan Kai
  • Image Tian Xiaojie
    Tian Xiaojie
  • Image Tong Dawei
    Tong Dawei
  • Image Vivian Wu
    Vivian Wu
  • Image Wang Xiao
    Wang Xiao
  • Image Yang Xinming
    Yang Xinming
  • Image Zhao Da
    Zhao Da
  • Image Zheng Hehuizi
    Zheng Hehuizi
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