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The story of Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane's successful attempt to put together a baseball team on a budget, by employing computer-generated analysis to draft his players.


  • Image Anthony Santana
    Anthony Santana
  • Image Ari Zagaris
    Ari Zagaris
  • Image Arliss Howard
    Arliss Howard
  • Image Artie Harris
    Artie Harris
  • Image Blake Pike
    Blake Pike
  • Image Bob Costas
    Bob Costas
  • Image Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt
  • Image Brent Jennings
    Brent Jennings
  • Image Cabran E. Chamberlain
    Cabran E. Chamberlain
  • Image Casey Bond
    Casey Bond
  • Image Chris McGarry
    Chris McGarry
  • Image Chris Pratt
    Chris Pratt
  • Image David Hutchison
    David Hutchison
  • Image Derrin Ebert
    Derrin Ebert
  • Image Diane Behrens
    Diane Behrens
  • Image Dwight Turner
    Dwight Turner
  • Image Ed Montague
    Ed Montague
  • Image Eddie Frierson
    Eddie Frierson
  • Image Eric Winzenreid
    Eric Winzenreid
  • Image Eric Winzenried
    Eric Winzenried
  • Image Erich Hover
    Erich Hover
  • Image Erin Pickett
    Erin Pickett
  • Image Gary 'G. Thang' Johnson
    Gary 'G. Thang' Johnson
  • Image Gerardo Celasco
    Gerardo Celasco
  • Image Glenn Morshower
    Glenn Morshower
  • Image Gregor Manns
    Gregor Manns
  • Image Holly Pitrago
    Holly Pitrago
  • Image Jack Knight
    Jack Knight
  • Image Jack McGee
    Jack McGee
  • Image Jaclyn Rose
    Jaclyn Rose
  • Image Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson
  • Image James Shanklin
    James Shanklin
  • Image Jeffrey W. Jenkins
    Jeffrey W. Jenkins
  • Image Joe DiMaggio
    Joe DiMaggio
  • Image Joe Satriani
    Joe Satriani
  • Image John Brantley Cole
    John Brantley Cole
  • Image John Lobato
    John Lobato
  • Image Jonah Hill
    Jonah Hill
  • Image Jonathan Sanders
    Jonathan Sanders
  • Image Joyce Guy
    Joyce Guy
  • Image Kathryn Morris
    Kathryn Morris
  • Image Keith Middlebrook
    Keith Middlebrook
  • Image Ken Colquitt
    Ken Colquitt
  • Image Ken Medlock
    Ken Medlock
  • Image Ken Rudulph
    Ken Rudulph
  • Image Kerris Dorsey
    Kerris Dorsey
  • Image Lisa Guerrero
    Lisa Guerrero
  • Image Lucy Angelo
    Lucy Angelo
  • Image Marcus D. Spencer
    Marcus D. Spencer
  • Image Margaret Newborn
    Margaret Newborn
  • Image Mark Alkofer
    Mark Alkofer
  • Image Miguel Mendoza
    Miguel Mendoza
  • Image Nick Porrazzo
    Nick Porrazzo
  • Image Nick Searcy
    Nick Searcy
  • Image Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • Image Ray Medved
    Ray Medved
  • Image Reasha Honaker
    Reasha Honaker
  • Image Reed Diamond
    Reed Diamond
  • Image Reed Thompson
    Reed Thompson
  • Image Robin Wright
    Robin Wright
  • Image Sam B. Lorn
    Sam B. Lorn
  • Image Savannah Lathem
    Savannah Lathem
  • Image Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia
  • Image Simon James
    Simon James
  • Image Spike Jonze
    Spike Jonze
  • Image Stephen Bishop
    Stephen Bishop
  • Image Takayo Fischer
    Takayo Fischer
  • Image Tammy Blanchard
    Tammy Blanchard
  • Image Thomas W. Stewart
    Thomas W. Stewart
  • Image Tim McCarver
    Tim McCarver
  • Image Vyto Ruginis
    Vyto Ruginis
  • Image Zachary Culbertson
    Zachary Culbertson
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