Monster House

1h 31m

Monsters under the bed are scary enough, but what happens when an entire house is out to get you? Three teens aim to find out when they go up against a decrepit neighboring home and unlock its frightening secrets.


  • Image Catherine O'Hara
    Catherine O'Hara
  • Image Erik Walker
    Erik Walker
  • Image Fred Willard
    Fred Willard
  • Image Ian McConnel
    Ian McConnel
  • Image Jason Lee
    Jason Lee
  • Image Jon Heder
    Jon Heder
  • Image Kathleen Turner
    Kathleen Turner
  • Image Kevin James
    Kevin James
  • Image Maggie Gyllenhaal
    Maggie Gyllenhaal
  • Image Matthew Fahey
    Matthew Fahey
  • Image Mitchel Musso
    Mitchel Musso
  • Image Nick Cannon
    Nick Cannon
  • Image Ryan Newman
    Ryan Newman
  • Image Sam Lerner
    Sam Lerner
  • Image Spencer Locke
    Spencer Locke
  • Image Steve Buscemi
    Steve Buscemi
  • Image Woody Schultz
    Woody Schultz
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