Morvern Callar

1h 37m

Morvern Callar wakes on Christmas morning to discover that her troubled boyfriend has committed suicide, leaving behind the unpublished manuscript to his first novel and a sum of money intended to pay for his burial. Instead, Morvern attempts to use both to reinvent her life.


  • Image Andrew Flanagan
    Andrew Flanagan
  • Image Andrew Knowles
    Andrew Knowles
  • Image Andrew Townley
    Andrew Townley
  • Image Andy Hazel
    Andy Hazel
  • Image Bryan Dick
    Bryan Dick
  • Image Carolyn Calder
    Carolyn Calder
  • Image Dan Cadan
    Dan Cadan
  • Image Danny Schofield
    Danny Schofield
  • Image Des Hamilton
    Des Hamilton
  • Image Dolly Wells
    Dolly Wells
  • Image Donnie Baxter
    Donnie Baxter
  • Image Duncan McHardy
    Duncan McHardy
  • Image James Wilson
    James Wilson
  • Image Kathleen McDermott
    Kathleen McDermott
  • Image Linda McGuire
    Linda McGuire
  • Image Matthew Townend
    Matthew Townend
  • Image Mette Karlsvik
    Mette Karlsvik
  • Image Mischa Richter
    Mischa Richter
  • Image Paul Popplewell
    Paul Popplewell
  • Image Raife Patrick Burchell
    Raife Patrick Burchell
  • Image Ruby Milton
    Ruby Milton
  • Image Samantha Morton
    Samantha Morton
  • Image Vito Rocco
    Vito Rocco
  • Image Yolanda Vazquez
    Yolanda Vazquez
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