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Image Mulheres



The stories of seven women, whose destinies intersect. Seven Lisbon couples live different moments in their relationships. Everyone has problems to solve. The challenges that each couple face are different - some more serious, others more common and predictable... and some purely selfish.

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  • Image Afonso Araújo
    Afonso Araújo
  • Image Afonso Lagarto
    Afonso Lagarto
  • Image Afonso Pimentel
    Afonso Pimentel
  • Image Albano Jerónimo
    Albano Jerónimo
  • Image Carmen Santos
    Carmen Santos
  • Image Cristina Homem de Mello
    Cristina Homem de Mello
  • Image Daniela Melchior
    Daniela Melchior
  • Image David Esteves
    David Esteves
  • Image Diogo Mesquita
    Diogo Mesquita
  • Image Fernanda Serrano
    Fernanda Serrano
  • Image Gabriela Barros
    Gabriela Barros
  • Image Gustavo Vargas
    Gustavo Vargas
  • Image Hugo Costa Ramos
    Hugo Costa Ramos
  • Image Inês Sá Frias
    Inês Sá Frias
  • Image Jessica Athayde
    Jessica Athayde
  • Image João Lagarto
    João Lagarto
  • Image João Reis
    João Reis
  • Image João Vicente
    João Vicente
  • Image Júlia Belard
    Júlia Belard
  • Image Leonardo Marques
    Leonardo Marques
  • Image Luís Gaspar
    Luís Gaspar
  • Image Manuel Wiborg
    Manuel Wiborg
  • Image Maria João Falcão
    Maria João Falcão
  • Image Maria Rueff
    Maria Rueff
  • Image Paula Lobo Antunes
    Paula Lobo Antunes
  • Image Pedro Laginha
    Pedro Laginha
  • Image Sérgio Praia
    Sérgio Praia
  • Image Sofia Alves
    Sofia Alves
  • Image Sofia Ribeiro
    Sofia Ribeiro
  • Image Susana Arrais
    Susana Arrais
  • Image Virgílio Castelo
    Virgílio Castelo
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