Muriel’s Wedding

1h 46m

A young social outcast in Australia steals money from her parents to finance a vacation where she hopes to find happiness, and perhaps love.


  • Image Alvaro Marques
    Alvaro Marques
  • Image Annie Byron
    Annie Byron
  • Image Barry Crocker
    Barry Crocker
  • Image Basil Clarke
    Basil Clarke
  • Image Belinda Jarrett
    Belinda Jarrett
  • Image Bill Hunter
    Bill Hunter
  • Image Cecily Polson
    Cecily Polson
  • Image Chris Haywood
    Chris Haywood
  • Image Craig Olson
    Craig Olson
  • Image Dan Wyllie
    Dan Wyllie
  • Image Daniel Hepner
    Daniel Hepner
  • Image Daniel Lapaine
    Daniel Lapaine
  • Image Darrin Klimek
    Darrin Klimek
  • Image Dene Kermond
    Dene Kermond
  • Image Des Rodgers
    Des Rodgers
  • Image Di Smith
    Di Smith
  • Image Fiona Sullivan
    Fiona Sullivan
  • Image Frankie Davidson
    Frankie Davidson
  • Image Fred Rouady
    Fred Rouady
  • Image Gabby Millgate
    Gabby Millgate
  • Image Geneviève Picot
    Geneviève Picot
  • Image Gennie Nevinson
    Gennie Nevinson
  • Image Heather Mitchell
    Heather Mitchell
  • Image Heidi Lapaine
    Heidi Lapaine
  • Image Ineke Rapp
    Ineke Rapp
  • Image Jacqueline Linke
    Jacqueline Linke
  • Image James Schramko
    James Schramko
  • Image Jeamin Lee
    Jeamin Lee
  • Image Jeanie Drynan
    Jeanie Drynan
  • Image John Gaden
    John Gaden
  • Image John Hoare
    John Hoare
  • Image John Michael Howson
    John Michael Howson
  • Image John Walton
    John Walton
  • Image Jon-Claire Lee
    Jon-Claire Lee
  • Image Julian Garner
    Julian Garner
  • Image Justin Witham
    Justin Witham
  • Image Katie Saunders
    Katie Saunders
  • Image Ken Senga
    Ken Senga
  • Image Kevin Copeland
    Kevin Copeland
  • Image Kirsty Hinchcliffe
    Kirsty Hinchcliffe
  • Image Kuni Hashimoto
    Kuni Hashimoto
  • Image Louise Cullen
    Louise Cullen
  • Image Matt Day
    Matt Day
  • Image Nathan Kaye
    Nathan Kaye
  • Image Penne Hackforth-Jones
    Penne Hackforth-Jones
  • Image Pippa Grandison
    Pippa Grandison
  • Image Rachel Griffiths
    Rachel Griffiths
  • Image Richard Carter
    Richard Carter
  • Image Richard Morecroft
    Richard Morecroft
  • Image Richard Sutherland
    Richard Sutherland
  • Image Rob Steele
    Rob Steele
  • Image Robert Alexander
    Robert Alexander
  • Image Robyn Pitt Owen
    Robyn Pitt Owen
  • Image Rodney Arnold
    Rodney Arnold
  • Image Rohan Jones
    Rohan Jones
  • Image Roz Hammond
    Roz Hammond
  • Image Scott Hall-Watson
    Scott Hall-Watson
  • Image Sophie Lee
    Sophie Lee
  • Image Steve Smith
    Steve Smith
  • Image Susan Prior
    Susan Prior
  • Image Toni Collette
    Toni Collette
  • Image Troy Hardy
    Troy Hardy
  • Image Vincent Ball
    Vincent Ball
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