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1h 36m

A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a chart-topping hit for an aspiring teen sensation. Though he's never written a decent lyric in his life, he sparks with an offbeat younger woman with a flair for words.


  • Image Aasif Mandvi
    Aasif Mandvi
  • Image Adam Grupper
    Adam Grupper
  • Image Andrew Wyatt
    Andrew Wyatt
  • Image Antoine 'Doc' Judkins
    Antoine 'Doc' Judkins
  • Image Ariana Bernstein
    Ariana Bernstein
  • Image Bernadette Lords
    Bernadette Lords
  • Image Bill Chemerka
    Bill Chemerka
  • Image Billy Griffith
    Billy Griffith
  • Image Brad Garrett
    Brad Garrett
  • Image Brooke Tansley
    Brooke Tansley
  • Image Campbell Scott
    Campbell Scott
  • Image Carlos Velazquez
    Carlos Velazquez
  • Image Carly Lang
    Carly Lang
  • Image Charlotte Maier
    Charlotte Maier
  • Image Chris Moss
    Chris Moss
  • Image Christine Ashley DeJesus
    Christine Ashley DeJesus
  • Image Dan Karaty
    Dan Karaty
  • Image Dan McMillan
    Dan McMillan
  • Image Dana DePalo
    Dana DePalo
  • Image Daniel Stewart Sherman
    Daniel Stewart Sherman
  • Image Drew Barrymore
    Drew Barrymore
  • Image Emma Lesser
    Emma Lesser
  • Image Gerard Heintz
    Gerard Heintz
  • Image Haley Bennett
    Haley Bennett
  • Image Hugh Grant
    Hugh Grant
  • Image Jason Antoon
    Jason Antoon
  • Image Jeannine Kaspar
    Jeannine Kaspar
  • Image Jeremy Karson
    Jeremy Karson
  • Image Jorge Santos
    Jorge Santos
  • Image Kali R. Harrison
    Kali R. Harrison
  • Image Kathleen McNenny
    Kathleen McNenny
  • Image Kristen Johnston
    Kristen Johnston
  • Image Lanette Ware
    Lanette Ware
  • Image Lou Torres
    Lou Torres
  • Image Marielys Molina
    Marielys Molina
  • Image Mark A. Keeton
    Mark A. Keeton
  • Image Matthew Morrison
    Matthew Morrison
  • Image Michael Ciesla
    Michael Ciesla
  • Image Monique Lea-Gall
    Monique Lea-Gall
  • Image Nick Bacon
    Nick Bacon
  • Image Nick Kenkel
    Nick Kenkel
  • Image Nina Lafarga
    Nina Lafarga
  • Image Peter Conboy
    Peter Conboy
  • Image Reed Kelly
    Reed Kelly
  • Image Robert Sciglimpaglia
    Robert Sciglimpaglia
  • Image Roel Suasin
    Roel Suasin
  • Image Sarah Mitchell
    Sarah Mitchell
  • Image Scott Porter
    Scott Porter
  • Image Seth Stewart
    Seth Stewart
  • Image Spenser Leigh
    Spenser Leigh
  • Image Stevie Ray Dallimore
    Stevie Ray Dallimore
  • Image Suzi Lorraine
    Suzi Lorraine
  • Image Tom Foligno
    Tom Foligno
  • Image Toni Trucks
    Toni Trucks
  • Image Zak Orth
    Zak Orth
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