2h 6m

A mute man with a violent past is forced to take on the teeming underworld of a near-future Berlin as he searches for his missing girlfriend.


  • Image Alexander Skarsgård
    Alexander Skarsgård
  • Image Alexander Yassin
    Alexander Yassin
  • Image Andrzej Blumenfeld
    Andrzej Blumenfeld
  • Image Anja Karmanski
    Anja Karmanski
  • Image Asad Schwarz
    Asad Schwarz
  • Image Barbara Ewing
    Barbara Ewing
  • Image Daniel Fathers
    Daniel Fathers
  • Image Dominic Monaghan
    Dominic Monaghan
  • Image Ekaterina Chapandze
    Ekaterina Chapandze
  • Image Enya Maria Tames
    Enya Maria Tames
  • Image Eugen Bauder
    Eugen Bauder
  • Image Florence Kasumba
    Florence Kasumba
  • Image Gilbert Owuor
    Gilbert Owuor
  • Image Grégoire Gros
    Grégoire Gros
  • Image Jameela Shafaq
    Jameela Shafaq
  • Image Jannis Niewöhner
    Jannis Niewöhner
  • Image Jarah Maria Anders
    Jarah Maria Anders
  • Image Jenny-Francis Kussatz
    Jenny-Francis Kussatz
  • Image Justin Theroux
    Justin Theroux
  • Image Karl-Luis Vossbeck
    Karl-Luis Vossbeck
  • Image Kirsten Block
    Kirsten Block
  • Image Livia Matthes
    Livia Matthes
  • Image Nikki Lamborn
    Nikki Lamborn
  • Image Noel Clarke
    Noel Clarke
  • Image Paul Rudd
    Paul Rudd
  • Image Robert Kazinsky
    Robert Kazinsky
  • Image Robert Nickisch
    Robert Nickisch
  • Image Robert Sheehan
    Robert Sheehan
  • Image Sam Rockwell
    Sam Rockwell
  • Image Samir Fuchs
    Samir Fuchs
  • Image Seyneb Saleh
    Seyneb Saleh
  • Image Stefko Hanushevsky
    Stefko Hanushevsky
  • Image Ulf Nadrowski
    Ulf Nadrowski
  • Image Youssef Habbaoui
    Youssef Habbaoui
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