My Big Night

1h 38m

Coslada, near Madrid, Spain, October 2015. Hundreds of extras are trapped in a huge stage where they pretend with hysterical joy that they are celebrating a party that will be broadcast on television on New Year's Eve. But more than a week later, the clash between several staff members threatens to prolong indefinitely such a maddening nightmare.


  • Image Alberto Bang
    Alberto Bang
  • Image Alberto Chaves
    Alberto Chaves
  • Image Álvaro Manso
    Álvaro Manso
  • Image Ana Polvorosa
    Ana Polvorosa
  • Image Andoni Agirregomezkorta
    Andoni Agirregomezkorta
  • Image Antonio Velázquez
    Antonio Velázquez
  • Image Blanca Suárez
    Blanca Suárez
  • Image Carlos Areces
    Carlos Areces
  • Image Carmen Machi
    Carmen Machi
  • Image Carmen Ruiz
    Carmen Ruiz
  • Image Carolina Bang
    Carolina Bang
  • Image Carolo Ruiz
    Carolo Ruiz
  • Image Daniel Guzmán
    Daniel Guzmán
  • Image Eduardo Casanova
    Eduardo Casanova
  • Image Enrique Martínez
    Enrique Martínez
  • Image Enrique Villén
    Enrique Villén
  • Image Hugo Silva
    Hugo Silva
  • Image Ignatius Farray
    Ignatius Farray
  • Image Jaime Ordóñez
    Jaime Ordóñez
  • Image Javier Manrique
    Javier Manrique
  • Image Jimmy Barnatán
    Jimmy Barnatán
  • Image Jonás Beramí
    Jonás Beramí
  • Image Lucía de la Fuente
    Lucía de la Fuente
  • Image Luis Callejo
    Luis Callejo
  • Image Luis Fernández
    Luis Fernández
  • Image Mario Casas
    Mario Casas
  • Image Marta Castellote
    Marta Castellote
  • Image Marta Guerras
    Marta Guerras
  • Image Mónica Aragón
    Mónica Aragón
  • Image Nacho Braun
    Nacho Braun
  • Image Pedro Mistal
    Pedro Mistal
  • Image Pepón Nieto
    Pepón Nieto
  • Image Raphael
  • Image Roberto Montañés
    Roberto Montañés
  • Image Santiago Díaz
    Santiago Díaz
  • Image Santiago Segura
    Santiago Segura
  • Image Terele Pávez
    Terele Pávez
  • Image Tomás Pozzi
    Tomás Pozzi
  • Image Toni Acosta
    Toni Acosta
  • Image Victoria Sáez
    Victoria Sáez
  • Image Zoe Berriatúa
    Zoe Berriatúa
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