Not Another Teen Movie

1h 29m

On a bet, a gridiron hero at John Hughes High School sets out to turn a bespectacled plain Jane into a beautiful and popular prom queen in this outrageous send-up of the teen movie genre.


  • Image Abraham Smith
    Abraham Smith
  • Image Alec Murdock
    Alec Murdock
  • Image Amber Goetz
    Amber Goetz
  • Image Arturo Elizondo
    Arturo Elizondo
  • Image Banks McClintock
    Banks McClintock
  • Image Becca Sweitzer
    Becca Sweitzer
  • Image Benjamin Waldow
    Benjamin Waldow
  • Image Beverly Polcyn
    Beverly Polcyn
  • Image Candice T. Cain
    Candice T. Cain
  • Image Cassie Townsend
    Cassie Townsend
  • Image Cerina Vincent
    Cerina Vincent
  • Image China Shavers
    China Shavers
  • Image Chris Evans
    Chris Evans
  • Image Chyler Leigh
    Chyler Leigh
  • Image Cody McMains
    Cody McMains
  • Image Cynthena Sanders
    Cynthena Sanders
  • Image Daniel Bess
    Daniel Bess
  • Image Daniel Spink
    Daniel Spink
  • Image David M. Francis
    David M. Francis
  • Image Dean Sheremet
    Dean Sheremet
  • Image Deon Richmond
    Deon Richmond
  • Image Desi Lydic
    Desi Lydic
  • Image Ean Mering
    Ean Mering
  • Image Ed Lauter
    Ed Lauter
  • Image Eric Christian Olsen
    Eric Christian Olsen
  • Image Eric Jungmann
    Eric Jungmann
  • Image Gena Shaw
    Gena Shaw
  • Image George Wyner
    George Wyner
  • Image H. Jon Benjamin
    H. Jon Benjamin
  • Image Hayley Zelniker
    Hayley Zelniker
  • Image Heather Brown
    Heather Brown
  • Image Heidi Androl
    Heidi Androl
  • Image Ian Aronson
    Ian Aronson
  • Image Jackie Harris
    Jackie Harris
  • Image Jaime Pressly
    Jaime Pressly
  • Image James Read
    James Read
  • Image Jarrett Lennon
    Jarrett Lennon
  • Image Jay Johnston
    Jay Johnston
  • Image Jeanette Miller
    Jeanette Miller
  • Image Jennifer Schlueter
    Jennifer Schlueter
  • Image Jeremiah Vaughn
    Jeremiah Vaughn
  • Image Jesse Capelli
    Jesse Capelli
  • Image Jessica Asher
    Jessica Asher
  • Image Jim Wise
    Jim Wise
  • Image JoAnna Garcia
    JoAnna Garcia
  • Image Josh Jacobson
    Josh Jacobson
  • Image Josh Radnor
    Josh Radnor
  • Image Joy Bisco
    Joy Bisco
  • Image Joy Gohring
    Joy Gohring
  • Image Julie Welch
    Julie Welch
  • Image Kelly S. King
    Kelly S. King
  • Image Kimberly Lyon
    Kimberly Lyon
  • Image Kimi Bateman
    Kimi Bateman
  • Image Kyle Cease
    Kyle Cease
  • Image Lacey Chabert
    Lacey Chabert
  • Image Lukas Behnken
    Lukas Behnken
  • Image Lyman Ward
    Lyman Ward
  • Image Marcus Edward
    Marcus Edward
  • Image Marissa Fedele
    Marissa Fedele
  • Image Maylen Calienes
    Maylen Calienes
  • Image Melissa Joan Hart
    Melissa Joan Hart
  • Image Mia Kirshner
    Mia Kirshner
  • Image Michael Ensign
    Michael Ensign
  • Image Michelle Holgate
    Michelle Holgate
  • Image Molly Ringwald
    Molly Ringwald
  • Image Morisa Taylor Kaplan
    Morisa Taylor Kaplan
  • Image Mr. T
    Mr. T
  • Image Nathan West
    Nathan West
  • Image Nectar Rose
    Nectar Rose
  • Image Ned Brower
    Ned Brower
  • Image Nick Bakay
    Nick Bakay
  • Image Nick Zephyrin
    Nick Zephyrin
  • Image Oz Perkins
    Oz Perkins
  • Image Paul Gleason
    Paul Gleason
  • Image Paul Goebel
    Paul Goebel
  • Image Peter Simon
    Peter Simon
  • Image Randy Quaid
    Randy Quaid
  • Image Riley Smith
    Riley Smith
  • Image Rob Benedict
    Rob Benedict
  • Image Ron Lester
    Ron Lester
  • Image Ross Mulholland
    Ross Mulholland
  • Image Sam Ayers
    Sam Ayers
  • Image Sam Huntington
    Sam Huntington
  • Image Samaire Armstrong
    Samaire Armstrong
  • Image Samm Levine
    Samm Levine
  • Image Samuel Givens
    Samuel Givens
  • Image Sarah Christine Smith
    Sarah Christine Smith
  • Image Sean Patrick Thomas
    Sean Patrick Thomas
  • Image Sean Smith
    Sean Smith
  • Image Staci B. Flood
    Staci B. Flood
  • Image Susan Anne Wall
    Susan Anne Wall
  • Image Tessa
  • Image Tracey McCall
    Tracey McCall
  • Image Tracy Kay
    Tracy Kay
  • Image Will Gill Jr.
    Will Gill Jr.
  • Image Zachary Woodlee
    Zachary Woodlee
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