Image O Sétimo Guardião

O Sétimo Guardião


At first glance, Serro Azul may seem like just another typical inland town, quiet and surrounded by mountains, where technological advances such as internet and cell phones have not yet arrived. A place where anyone who passes does not pay much attention, not knowing what is missing, after all, a city that is near Greenville and Tubiacanga could not fail to have its peculiarities. The main one is a source with curative and rejuvenating properties, which is the outermost part of a gigantic aquifer, a huge reservoir of what is becoming the most precious possession of the Earth: water. This source is protected by seven guardians whose mission is to ensure that this wealth does not reach the wrong hands.

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  • Image Adriana Lessa
    Adriana Lessa
  • Image Ailton Graça
    Ailton Graça
  • Image Ana Beatriz Nogueira
    Ana Beatriz Nogueira
  • Image Bruna Linzmeyer
    Bruna Linzmeyer
  • Image Bruno Gagliasso
    Bruno Gagliasso
  • Image Caio Blat
    Caio Blat
  • Image Caio Manhente
    Caio Manhente
  • Image Carol Duarte
    Carol Duarte
  • Image Carolina Dieckmann
    Carolina Dieckmann
  • Image Cauê Campos
    Cauê Campos
  • Image Dan Stulbach
    Dan Stulbach
  • Image Eduardo Moscovis
    Eduardo Moscovis
  • Image Eduardo Speroni
    Eduardo Speroni
  • Image Elizabeth Savalla
    Elizabeth Savalla
  • Image Felipe Hintze
    Felipe Hintze
  • Image Fernanda de Freitas
    Fernanda de Freitas
  • Image Flávia Alessandra
    Flávia Alessandra
  • Image Gabriel Stauffer
    Gabriel Stauffer
  • Image Giulia Gayoso
    Giulia Gayoso
  • Image Giullia Buscacio
    Giullia Buscacio
  • Image Guida Vianna
    Guida Vianna
  • Image Heitor Martinez
    Heitor Martinez
  • Image Inês Peixoto
    Inês Peixoto
  • Image Isabela Garcia
    Isabela Garcia
  • Image Jaffar Bambirra
    Jaffar Bambirra
  • Image José Loreto
    José Loreto
  • Image Josie Pessoa
    Josie Pessoa
  • Image Julia Konrad
    Julia Konrad
  • Image Laryssa Ayres
    Laryssa Ayres
  • Image Leopoldo Pacheco
    Leopoldo Pacheco
  • Image Letícia Spiller
    Letícia Spiller
  • Image Lília Cabral
    Lília Cabral
  • Image Liza Gomes
    Liza Gomes
  • Image Lucci Ferreira
    Lucci Ferreira
  • Image Lyv Ziese
    Lyv Ziese
  • Image Marcello Melo Jr.
    Marcello Melo Jr.
  • Image Marcello Novaes
    Marcello Novaes
  • Image Marcelo Serrado
    Marcelo Serrado
  • Image Marcos Caruso
    Marcos Caruso
  • Image Marina Ruy Barbosa
    Marina Ruy Barbosa
  • Image Matheus Abreu
    Matheus Abreu
  • Image Maureen Miranda
    Maureen Miranda
  • Image Mila Carmo
    Mila Carmo
  • Image Milhem Cortaz
    Milhem Cortaz
  • Image Nany People
    Nany People
  • Image Paulo Miklos
    Paulo Miklos
  • Image Paulo Rocha
    Paulo Rocha
  • Image Paulo Vilhena
    Paulo Vilhena
  • Image Roberto Birindelli
    Roberto Birindelli
  • Image Robson Santos
    Robson Santos
  • Image Simone Zucato
    Simone Zucato
  • Image Talita Fusco
    Talita Fusco
  • Image Theodoro Cochrane
    Theodoro Cochrane
  • Image Tony Ramos
    Tony Ramos
  • Image Vanessa Giácomo
    Vanessa Giácomo
  • Image Vittoria Seixas
    Vittoria Seixas
  • Image Viviane Araújo
    Viviane Araújo
  • Image Yanna Lavigne
    Yanna Lavigne
  • Image Zezé Polessa
    Zezé Polessa
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