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Image O Tempo Não Para

O Tempo Não Para


The Sabino Machado family, their slaves and entourage spend years frozen in the ocean after a shipwreck in 1886. They wake up gradually, one by one, and must learn to deal with the technology and the human idiosyncrasies of the present times. Among cultural and temporal shocks, "the frozen ones" encounter improbable friendships, romances and greedy people, while fighting prejudices that not even time was able to eradicate.

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  • Image Adriane Galisteu
    Adriane Galisteu
  • Image Alexandra Richter
    Alexandra Richter
  • Image Aline Dias
    Aline Dias
  • Image Beatriz Campos
    Beatriz Campos
  • Image Bia Montez
    Bia Montez
  • Image Bruno Montaleone
    Bruno Montaleone
  • Image Carol Castro
    Carol Castro
  • Image Carol Macedo
    Carol Macedo
  • Image Christiane Torloni
    Christiane Torloni
  • Image Cláudio Mendes
    Cláudio Mendes
  • Image Cleo
  • Image Cris Vianna
    Cris Vianna
  • Image Cyria Coentro
    Cyria Coentro
  • Image David Junior
    David Junior
  • Image Edson Celulari
    Edson Celulari
  • Image Eva Wilma
    Eva Wilma
  • Image Felipe Simas
    Felipe Simas
  • Image Fhelipe Gomes
    Fhelipe Gomes
  • Image Ingrid Klug
    Ingrid Klug
  • Image João Baldasserini
    João Baldasserini
  • Image João Fernandes
    João Fernandes
  • Image Juliana Alves
    Juliana Alves
  • Image Juliana Paiva
    Juliana Paiva
  • Image Kiko Mascarenhas
    Kiko Mascarenhas
  • Image Lucy Ramos
    Lucy Ramos
  • Image Luiz Fernando Guimarães
    Luiz Fernando Guimarães
  • Image Maicon Rodrigues
    Maicon Rodrigues
  • Image Malu Falangola
    Malu Falangola
  • Image Marcos Pasquim
    Marcos Pasquim
  • Image Maria Eduarda de Carvalho
    Maria Eduarda de Carvalho
  • Image Max Lima
    Max Lima
  • Image Micael Borges
    Micael Borges
  • Image Milton Gonçalves
    Milton Gonçalves
  • Image Nathália Rodrigues
    Nathália Rodrigues
  • Image Nelson Freitas
    Nelson Freitas
  • Image Nicolas Prattes
    Nicolas Prattes
  • Image Olivia Araújo
    Olivia Araújo
  • Image Rafaela Mandelli
    Rafaela Mandelli
  • Image Raphael Viana
    Raphael Viana
  • Image Raphaela Alvitos
    Raphaela Alvitos
  • Image Regiane Alves
    Regiane Alves
  • Image Ricardo Duque
    Ricardo Duque
  • Image Rosi Campos
    Rosi Campos
  • Image Rui Ricardo Dias
    Rui Ricardo Dias
  • Image Solange Couto
    Solange Couto
  • Image Talita Younan
    Talita Younan
  • Image Wagner Santisteban
    Wagner Santisteban
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