Omar Sharif: Citizen of the World

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Several high-budget epic films became Omar Sharif (1932-2015) a film star. He was an actor, but also a bridge player, a womanizer, a bon vivant; he was a man full of contradictions, who enjoyed card games more than movies; he was an eternal nomad who spent half his life in a hotel…


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    Amr Tarek
  • Image Andréa Ferréol
    Andréa Ferréol
  • Image Catherine Claude
    Catherine Claude
  • Image David Lean
    David Lean
  • Image Dominique Ferron
    Dominique Ferron
  • Image Frank Le Quellec
    Frank Le Quellec
  • Image Gamal Abdel Nasser
    Gamal Abdel Nasser
  • Image Laurent Vinas-Raymond
    Laurent Vinas-Raymond
  • Image Omar Sharif
    Omar Sharif
  • Image Omar Sharif Jr.
    Omar Sharif Jr.
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    Paul Chemla
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    Peter O'Toole
  • Image Pierre Boulanger
    Pierre Boulanger
  • Image Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
    Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
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    Steve Kenis
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    Tarek Sharif
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    Zahi Hawass
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