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Image On Wings Of Eagles

On Wings Of Eagles


On Wings of Eagles is a NBC TV mini-series, starring Burt Lancaster - Richard Crenna and directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. The TV series was adapted from Ken Follet's novel of the same name. The plot is set during the Iranian revolution. During the takeover of Iran, the king is overthrown, and two executives of Electronic Data Systems are imprisoned on false charges. The head of the company, Mr. Perot, travels to Tehran to negotiate for their release. Meanwhile, a retired US Army Special Forces Colonel, Arthur Simons, is hired to develop a rescue plan at any cost.

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  • Image Bob Delegall
    Bob Delegall
  • Image Burt Lancaster
    Burt Lancaster
  • Image Constance Towers
    Constance Towers
  • Image Cyril O'Reilly
    Cyril O'Reilly
  • Image Esai Morales
    Esai Morales
  • Image James Sutorius
    James Sutorius
  • Image Jim Metzler
    Jim Metzler
  • Image Lawrence Pressman
    Lawrence Pressman
  • Image Louis Giambalvo
    Louis Giambalvo
  • Image Martin Doyle
    Martin Doyle
  • Image Paul Le Mat
    Paul Le Mat
  • Image Richard Anthony Crenna
    Richard Anthony Crenna
  • Image Richard Crenna
    Richard Crenna
  • Image Robert Wightman
    Robert Wightman
  • Image William Bumiller
    William Bumiller
  • Image Zevi Wolmark
    Zevi Wolmark
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