One Breath

1h 40m
  • Один вдох
  • 05-03-2020
  • Drama
  • Elena Hazanova
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Following her divorce, Marina thinks that she’ll never meet love again. Little does she know that one day, she’ll find the love of her life in freediving, one of the most extreme sports in existence, built on diving as deep as possible on a single breath. In the vast, mysterious realm of the sea, Marina not only regains her sense of peace and well being, but also redefines her existence.


  • Image Aleksey Matoshin
    Aleksey Matoshin
  • Image Artyom Tkachenko
    Artyom Tkachenko
  • Image Darya Petrova
    Darya Petrova
  • Image Filipp Ershov
    Filipp Ershov
  • Image Maksim Sukhanov
    Maksim Sukhanov
  • Image Masha Surikova
    Masha Surikova
  • Image Olga Lerman
    Olga Lerman
  • Image Sergey Sosnovsky
    Sergey Sosnovsky
  • Image Stasya Miloslavskaya
    Stasya Miloslavskaya
  • Image Veronika Kornienko
    Veronika Kornienko
  • Image Viktoriya Isakova
    Viktoriya Isakova
  • Image Vladimir Yaglych
    Vladimir Yaglych
  • Image Vladislav Vetrov
    Vladislav Vetrov
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