One Cut of the Dead Spin-Off: In Hollywood

0h 59m
  • カメラを止めるな!スピンオフ『ハリウッド大作戦!』
  • 14-11-2019
  • Comedy, Horror
  • Yûya Nakaizumi
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This 59-minute feature was made for TV in Japan and is now being shopped around by Nikkatsu in advance of the film market in Cannes beginning in a few weeks. This feature was directed by Nakaizumi Yuya, supervised by original director Ueda and stars several of the key players from the original films including Hamatso Takayuki, Mao, Shuhama Harumi, and many more.


  • Image Ayana Gôda
    Ayana Gôda
  • Image Donguri
  • Image Harumi Shuhama
    Harumi Shuhama
  • Image Hiroshi Ichihara
    Hiroshi Ichihara
  • Image Kazuaki Nagaya
    Kazuaki Nagaya
  • Image Manabu Hosoi
    Manabu Hosoi
  • Image Mao
  • Image Miki Yoshida
    Miki Yoshida
  • Image Nozomi de Lencquesaing
    Nozomi de Lencquesaing
  • Image Sakina Asamori
    Sakina Asamori
  • Image Shin'ichirô Ôsawa
    Shin'ichirô Ôsawa
  • Image Shuntarô Yamazaki
    Shuntarô Yamazaki
  • Image Takayuki Hamatsu
    Takayuki Hamatsu
  • Image Takuya Fujimura
    Takuya Fujimura
  • Image Tomokazu Yamaguchi
    Tomokazu Yamaguchi
  • Image Yuzuki Akiyama
    Yuzuki Akiyama
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