One Half of Me

1h 44m
  • Aika jonka sain
  • 13-03-2020
  • Drama
  • Tuukka Temonen
  • 0 votes

Jaana is a restaurant owner and mother of two, who spends her free time riding. Jaana lives with her charismatic, but short-tempered partner Marko. Jaana's life changes in a flash when she becomes paralyzed in a serious accident.


  • Image Anu Sinisalo
    Anu Sinisalo
  • Image Harri Moisio
    Harri Moisio
  • Image Mikael Rejström
    Mikael Rejström
  • Image Olga Temonen
    Olga Temonen
  • Image Pilvi Hämäläinen
    Pilvi Hämäläinen
  • Image Riitta Havukainen
    Riitta Havukainen
  • Image Satu Silvo
    Satu Silvo
  • Image Sebastian Rejman
    Sebastian Rejman
  • Image Ville Myllyrinne
    Ville Myllyrinne
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