Open Season

1h 30m
  • Jagdzeit
  • 20-02-2020
  • Drama
  • Sabine Boss
  • 0 votes

As CFO, Alexander Meier fights for the survival of the long-established Walser company – dutifully, quickly and perfectionist to the point of self-abandonment. When Hans-Werner Brockmann, an unscrupulous top manager, is appointed, he gets involved in a power struggle that increasingly throws him off track. Before the ruins of his existence, Alexander sees only one possibility left to take revenge on Brockmann.


  • Image Anna Tenta
    Anna Tenta
  • Image Hans-Caspar Gattiker
    Hans-Caspar Gattiker
  • Image Lotti Happle
    Lotti Happle
  • Image Mathis Künzler
    Mathis Künzler
  • Image Mike Müller
    Mike Müller
  • Image Pierre Siegenthaler
    Pierre Siegenthaler
  • Image Roland Bonjour
    Roland Bonjour
  • Image Sarah Viktoria Frick
    Sarah Viktoria Frick
  • Image Stefan Kurt
    Stefan Kurt
  • Image Therese Affolter
    Therese Affolter
  • Image Ulrich Tukur
    Ulrich Tukur
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