Ordinary Decent Criminal

1h 33m

Michael Lynch is a notorious criminal with two wives and a flair for showmanship. He's also a huge embarrassment to the local police, who are determined to bring him down once and for all.


  • Image Alan Devlin
    Alan Devlin
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    Alex Hayes
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    Angela McLoughlin
  • Image Anne Cassin
    Anne Cassin
  • Image Anne O'Neill
    Anne O'Neill
  • Image Anthony Brophy
    Anthony Brophy
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    Barry Barnes
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    Bill Murphy
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    Brendan Morrissey
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    Bronco McLoughlin
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    Christoph Waltz
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    Colin Farrell
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    Conor Evans
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    Conor Mullen
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    Darragh Mullen
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    Dave Fanning
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    David Hayman
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    David Kelly
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    Des Braiden
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    Enda Oates
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    Eva Barrett
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    Gary Lydon
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    Gerard Lee
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    Gerard McSorley
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    Helen Baxendale
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    Herbert Knaup
  • Image Hugh B. O'Brien
    Hugh B. O'Brien
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    Jer O'Leary
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    Joe Gallagher
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    Jonathan Shankey
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    Kevin Spacey
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    Leonard Hayden
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    Linda Fiorentino
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    Mario Rosenstock
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    Mary O'Driscoll
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    Méadhbh de Blacam
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    Michael Hayes
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    Patrick Malahide
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    Paul Hickey
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    Paul Roe
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    Paul Ronan
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    Peter Mullan
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    Rory Egan
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    Ross Dungan
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    Sarah Barrett
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    Sarah Pilkington
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    Stephen Dillane
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    Tamzin Shaw
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    Tim Loane
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    Tom Maguire
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    Tony Coleman
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    Vincent Regan
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