1h 49m

Angelo "Snaps" Provolone made his dying father a promise on his deathbed: he would leave the world of crime and become an honest businessman. Despite having no experience in making money in a legal fashion, Snaps sets about to keep his promise.


  • Image Arleen Sorkin
    Arleen Sorkin
  • Image Art LaFleur
    Art LaFleur
  • Image Chazz Palminteri
    Chazz Palminteri
  • Image Danny Goldstine
    Danny Goldstine
  • Image Don Ameche
    Don Ameche
  • Image Eddie Bracken
    Eddie Bracken
  • Image Elizabeth Barondes
    Elizabeth Barondes
  • Image Harry Shearer
    Harry Shearer
  • Image Jim Abrahams
    Jim Abrahams
  • Image Jim Mulholland
    Jim Mulholland
  • Image Joe Dante
    Joe Dante
  • Image Joey Travolta
    Joey Travolta
  • Image Joycelyn O'Brien
    Joycelyn O'Brien
  • Image Kai Wulff
    Kai Wulff
  • Image Ken Howard
    Ken Howard
  • Image Kirk Douglas
    Kirk Douglas
  • Image Kurtwood Smith
    Kurtwood Smith
  • Image Linda Gray
    Linda Gray
  • Image Louis D'Alto
    Louis D'Alto
  • Image Marisa Tomei
    Marisa Tomei
  • Image Mark Metcalf
    Mark Metcalf
  • Image Marshall Bell
    Marshall Bell
  • Image Martin Ferrero
    Martin Ferrero
  • Image Ornella Muti
    Ornella Muti
  • Image Paul Greco
    Paul Greco
  • Image Peter Riegert
    Peter Riegert
  • Image Richard Foronjy
    Richard Foronjy
  • Image Richard Romanus
    Richard Romanus
  • Image Rick Avery
    Rick Avery
  • Image Robert Lesser
    Robert Lesser
  • Image Sal Mazzotta
    Sal Mazzotta
  • Image Sal Vecchio
    Sal Vecchio
  • Image Sam Chew Jr.
    Sam Chew Jr.
  • Image Sylvester Stallone
    Sylvester Stallone
  • Image Tim Curry
    Tim Curry
  • Image Tom Grant
    Tom Grant
  • Image Tony Munafo
    Tony Munafo
  • Image Vincent Spano
    Vincent Spano
  • Image William Atherton
    William Atherton
  • Image Yvonne De Carlo
    Yvonne De Carlo
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