Our Lady of the Nile

1h 30m
  • Notre-Dame du Nil
  • 05-02-2020
  • Drama
  • Atiq Rahimi
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Rwanda, 1973. In the prestigious catholic institute 'Notre-Dame du Nil', perched on a hill, young Rwandan girls study to become the elite of the country. In the process of graduating, they share the same dormitory, the same dreams, the same problems of teenage girls. But in every corner of the country as well as in the school there are deep antagonisms that will forever change the destiny of these young girls and the whole country.


  • Image Albina Kirenga
    Albina Kirenga
  • Image Amanda Mugabezaki
    Amanda Mugabezaki
  • Image Belinda Rubango
    Belinda Rubango
  • Image Clariella Bizimana
    Clariella Bizimana
  • Image Malaika Uwamahoro
    Malaika Uwamahoro
  • Image Pascal Greggory
    Pascal Greggory
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