Outrageous Fortune

1h 40m

Refined actress Lauren Ames finally has a chance to study with the great theatre professor Stanislav Korzenowski. Sandy Brozinsky, a brash, loud actress, decides through happenstance to also study with Korzenowski. The two women end up dating the same man (who turns out to be a double agent) and follow him across the country to force him to choose between them.


  • Image Ade Small
    Ade Small
  • Image Anna Marie Wieder
    Anna Marie Wieder
  • Image Anthony Heald
    Anthony Heald
  • Image Barbara De Kins
    Barbara De Kins
  • Image Barney Garcia
    Barney Garcia
  • Image Bette Midler
    Bette Midler
  • Image Bill Hart
    Bill Hart
  • Image Bill Marcus
    Bill Marcus
  • Image Bob O'Connell
    Bob O'Connell
  • Image Bunny Summers
    Bunny Summers
  • Image Carol Ann Susi
    Carol Ann Susi
  • Image Christopher McDonald
    Christopher McDonald
  • Image Coral Kassel
    Coral Kassel
  • Image Diana Bellamy
    Diana Bellamy
  • Image Don Ambabo
    Don Ambabo
  • Image Ebbe Roe Smith
    Ebbe Roe Smith
  • Image Eyan Williams
    Eyan Williams
  • Image Florence Stanley
    Florence Stanley
  • Image Gary Morgan
    Gary Morgan
  • Image George Carlin
    George Carlin
  • Image Greg Mace
    Greg Mace
  • Image J. Clell Miller
    J. Clell Miller
  • Image J.W. Smith
    J.W. Smith
  • Image James Espinoza
    James Espinoza
  • Image James McIntire
    James McIntire
  • Image Jerry Zaks
    Jerry Zaks
  • Image Ji-Tu Cumbuka
    Ji-Tu Cumbuka
  • Image Joan McMurtrey
    Joan McMurtrey
  • Image John DiSanti
    John DiSanti
  • Image John Schuck
    John Schuck
  • Image Johnny Sanchez
    Johnny Sanchez
  • Image José Garcia
    José Garcia
  • Image Lonna Montrose
    Lonna Montrose
  • Image Mike Henry
    Mike Henry
  • Image Neil Hunt
    Neil Hunt
  • Image Pat Santino
    Pat Santino
  • Image Paul Brooks
    Paul Brooks
  • Image Peter Coyote
    Peter Coyote
  • Image Phil Mead
    Phil Mead
  • Image R. Gilbert Clayton
    R. Gilbert Clayton
  • Image Robert Pastorelli
    Robert Pastorelli
  • Image Robert Prosky
    Robert Prosky
  • Image Roger Engstrom
    Roger Engstrom
  • Image Sally R. Brown
    Sally R. Brown
  • Image Sandra Eng
    Sandra Eng
  • Image Shelley Long
    Shelley Long
  • Image Steven Rotblatt
    Steven Rotblatt
  • Image Thomas Dillon
    Thomas Dillon
  • Image Tom Lillard
    Tom Lillard
  • Image Tony Epper
    Tony Epper
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